Kubota extends its agricultural offering with the introduction of Kubota Farm Solutions

Kubota, a market leader in the manufacturer of high performance agricultural solutions, has introduced Kubota Farm Solutions (KFS), a new concept from the Japanese machinery giant that is designed to increase and extend its product offering and add value to its service offering.

KFS covers the company’s complete machinery and service portfolio in a smart and easy way.  It’s specifically focused on delivering real customer benefits, for those who need more than a powerful tractor to succeed.  This includes an integrated system of products and services to increase end-user competitiveness and preparation for the future.

Over the last years, Kubota has extended its Agricultural Product Portfolio beyond the tractor with new solutions for our customers.  One key example of this is the introduction of Kubota implements. In addition, Kubota has also made developments in other areas like automatic steering for instance.

The introduction of KFS is another example of how Kubota is adding value to his first class service proposition.  Kubota understand that the agricultural market is facing a much more complex and deep new product offering which requires an easy and smart approach on how to offer it.  KFS does exactly that.”

KFS brings all Kubota’s solutions in one system. From intelligent technology to individual services, the KFS advantages complement each other with Kubota´s commitment to support customers a little better every time. KFS can be divided in five important pillars.

Performance. Kubota offers a large portfolio of machine equipment that can best support the customer in their endeavour to get their work done productively and successfully while being relaxed whichever tractor or implements they decide on.  This way, customers know they can always count on proven quality, excellent performance, co-ordinated features, and all of that for a reasonable price.

Control. The entry into the world of ISOBUS. The customer wants full control over what they are doing. Kubota provides customers with perfectly integrated systems to help them achieve that. From machine optimisation to implement monitoring, end-users can control the tractor and resources easily from a single terminal. This not only provides them with a better overview of all work processes, but also allows them to work without stress.

Optimisation. The customer knows exactly how they want to get their work done: efficiently, precisely, and most comfortably. Kubota gives them everything they need to obtain optimal results while remaining at ease.  With precision farming solutions on the tractors and implements, like automatic steering and GEOcontrol for instance. With these technologies, the customer can apply seeds, fertilisers, and pesticides with extreme precision. This lowers their costs and reduces their workload while increasing the yield of their work. And all that with perfect compatibilities.

Value protection. The customer knows what it takes to be commercially successful: top performance with every task and top conditions over many years. Once again, Kubota offers solutions that fulfil what they promise. Kubota tractors are already protected by more than the normal one year manufacturer warranty right from the start. The customer will get the possibility to even extend his warranty to protect the value of his investment, avoid expensive downtimes, and remain profitable over the long term.

Finance management. The customer wants to improve their productivity, but not at any cost. With Kubota Finance, they can make their planned investment with ease, convenience, and safety. Whether financing or leasing, they will benefit from professional advice and attractive conditions.


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