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All Terrain Vehicles: Reliable RTV Utility Vehicles by Kubota

All terrain vehicles and RTVs should be able to pickup a full range of items in just about any location you can imagine. The Kubota four wheel drive RTV range offers just that with a choice of sizes. Each of these utility vehicles is characterised by a powerful engine matched with a compact design, a good payload capacity and a lightweight feel that makes them invaluable in the world of outdoor work. Once you have tried a Kubota RTV, you will find that it becomes indispensible either on a construction site or on agricultural land. But it does not end there because all terrain utility vehicles like ours are just so much fun to drive that you’ll end up using them for recreation as well as work!

A Comprehensive Range of RTVs

With four different models of RTV on offer, the Kubota range provides something that will appeal to every sort of customer. The RTV 500 is a great example of the product range. It has a variable hydrostatic transmission, provides a stunning level of manoeuvrability and an all-wheel drive system that means you retain control even when you are negotiating very tricky land. The robust yet compact design means that it is capable of going anywhere at any time. This particular model is adept at heading up very steep slopes indeed, just like the RTV 400 which boasts a 500-kilo towing capacity. The compact chassis design of this model means that it can get over surprisingly large obstacles that you might think wouldn’t be able to at first.

Offering exceptional fuel efficiency, the RTV X900 and the RTV 1140 are slightly larger models. The latter is a comfortable four-seater which comes equipped with a robust 24.8 hp diesel engine. The all terrain vehicle’s hydrostatic power steering and the wet disc brakes make for exceptional handling. What’s more, you can even drop down the rear seats to increase the payload capacity at a stroke! The highly versatile RTV X900 can be used with or without a cabin making it ideal for round-the-year use in the field. Offering comfort levels that would rival a family saloon, this model has a remarkable one-tonne towing capacity.

All Terrain Vehicles With the Power to Go Anywhere

These commercial utility vehicles might be light but they are equipped with powerful engines that can help you to get over any obstacle and to conduct your work in virtually any terrain. They either have a petrol engine, as is the case with the RTV 400 and RTV 500 models, or a diesel engine, in the case of the RTV X900 and RTV 1140 models. Either way, they provide a level of reliability and flexibility that makes driving them a joy no matter what the ground or weather conditions happen to be. Indeed, drivers will find that they are afforded a comfortable position with excellent visibility and ergonomically designed controls that contribute to greater driver safety. Each of the model’s dashboards come with easily identifiable indicators which make it child’s play for you to monitor the operation of your all terrain vehicle as you drive about. As such, they are just as at home on the farm as they are in the paddock or performing forestry works. Few RTV ranges are as comprehensive as that offered by Kubota today!