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Only the Most Modern Construction Machinery

Demanding projects require reliable and efficient solutions. The experts at Kubota are well aware of the fact that no two tasks are ever alike. We have therefore gone to great lengths to supply you with a host of different options. You can select from categories such as mini excavators, backhoe loaders and dump trucks (to name a few options). These articulated units will make quick work out of even the most challenging scenarios. All of our products are built to last and engineered to meet the highest of standards, so reliability is never an issue. Efficiency and durability are guaranteed.

To make the selection process easier, we have provided you with a user-friendly menu. You can highlight specific options such as the weight of the vehicle, the digging depth (in millimetres), the engine power and the minimum width (to name but a few examples). Not only will this provide a superior level of clarity, but you can remain assured in the knowledge that you are choosing the right construction machinery for the task at hand.

Why Choose Kubota Construction Equipment?

Kubota is a name synonymous with quality. Founded as far back as 1890, we have become a leader within the construction sector over the years. To put this presence into perspective, our firm offers customers more than 650 distribution locations throughout Europe and these products are sold in well over 130 countries around the world. Thus, there is always a registered dealer close by. As we also take a great deal of pride in having developed an ecologically friendly approach, clients can remain assured that they are helping to protect the environment for future generations.

Having said this, Kubota is also a leading supplier of construction equipment due to the simple fact that we leave nothing left to chance when developing a wide range of products. From carrier dumpers and wheel loaders to telehandlers (boom lifts), power and superior craftsmanship are never called into question. As these units are often employed within demanding environments, customers will be able to enjoy a higher return on investment over time. When properly cared for, our machinery can last for years at a time.

Construction Equipment for Every Requirement

You can choose from a wide variety of designs and features when browsing through our line of construction machinery. Fully closed cabins, articulated booms, forklift attachments, front-end loaders and vehicles equipped with tracks are all possibilities. It is therefore always possible to encounter a product engineered with very specific needs in mind. Hydraulic transmissions, multiple travel speeds and variable tracks are some other examples of what is in store. All of our products are provided with high-visibility paint and naturally, the Kubota logo will signify that you choose to work with only the most trustworthy line of construction equipment.

In order to find a dealer that is close to your location, simply utilise our online mapping system. Once you select your country from a drop-down menu, you will be provided with the nearest Kubota dealers. Of course, it is also possible to contact us directly if you have additional questions regarding our line of products or should you hope to learn more about a specific model. We will be more than happy to help.