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What Defines a High-Quality Wheel Loader?

Any modern wheel loader should be able to handle a variety of tasks. Gravel removal, disposing of construction-related waste and hauling heavy materials from one place to another are some common duties associated with these units. However, it is also important to take into account that different weight capacities and dimensions must be addressed. Kubota has developed an impressive selection of design options to choose from, so the chances are high that you will be able to find what you are looking for in no time at all.

The Selection of Wheel Loaders from Kubota

All of thee wheel loaders are intended to be used over trough terrain as well as during situations associated with relatively steep inclines and declines. Still, the true sign of a powerful unit always involves the accessories and options. On-demand differential locks, hydrostatic transmissions, multi-disc brakes and a variable operating load capacities are a handful of examples of the attention to detail that has always been embraced by Kubota.

Superior levels of control are likewise important when working within construction sites. Multi-function operational levers will provide the operator with a superior amount of control and this level of precision can help to contribute to increased on-site efficiency. Let’s also not forget that the comfort of the driver is important from a safety point of view. Some of these wheel loaders have been designed with open canopies while others offer a fully enclosed working environment; a very real concern during adverse weather conditions. The use of a heavy-duty stainless steel chassis likewise ensures that the operator is able to enjoy a high standard of safety.

Kubota Wheel Loaders: When Only the Best Will Suffice

Kubota has been providing quality construction equipment since 1890 and this same tradition continues into the present day. There is no substitute for reliability within the construction industry and therefore, no expense has been spared when designing the latest wheel loaders. Flexibility is another core tenet of this firm. For instance, there can be times when a compact track loader is preferable when dealing with confined environments. Other situations might dictate that a high-capacity unit able to handle heavy loads is the best option. In either situation, Kubota aims to please. Some additional features which may be present (depending upon the make and model) include:

Superior stability.
Longer reach lengths when working at the maximum lifting height.
User-friendly digital cabin displays.
Integrated anti-theft systems.
Simple maintenance requirements.

Tight turning radii and excellent balance are other features which have served to set this selection of wheel loaders apart from more generic alternatives. There are many options and sizes to choose from, so please feel free to examine these units in greater detail. There are more than 650 distributors found within Europe and Kubota enjoys a global presence thanks to outlets located in 130 countries. High-quality and reliable construction equipment is therefore well within your reach. Should you require additional details about a specific wheel loader, please contact one of our team members.