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ZD Series / Newark and District Council

After reviewing several manufacturers, the Newark and District Council grounds maintenance staff were impressed with the quality and manoeuvrability of the Kubota  zero turn mowers tested, proving to be the ideal choice for their park and amenity mowing requirements.

In 2010, Newark and District Council  were seeking a cost saving solution to the mowing of four major public parks and open spaces without affecting the quality of their work. After several different demos, the grounds maintenance workforce recommended two Kubota ZD326’s and a GZ21 as the best option for amenity and formal mowing requirements.

Many seasons on and Nick and his team of 12 gardeners now run a fleet of six Kubota zero turn mowers; “The manoeuvrability and reliability of these mowers has been a revolution to us. We are delighted with their performance and the substantial  savings we’ve made both on the initial cost of the mowers and their low maintenance.”

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