On the hunt for the UK’s oldest working Kubota

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A brand-new search is underway to find the oldest working Kubota construction, agricultural or groundcare machine in the UK.

The leading machinery manufacturer will be documenting the search across its social media channels, with a host of top prizes up for grabs for the oldest working machines. The search forms part of Kubota’s wider celebrations at 25 years atop the mini-excavator market, but has been especially expanded to encompass Kubota’s agricultural and groundcare divisions, too.

With a well-deserved reputation for durability and engineering excellence, it’s no surprise that there are Kubota machines still operating with two decades or more experience under their bonnet.

One such example can be found at James McLellan Builders in Scotland, which still operates a Kubota KX61-2 that it first purchased in 2003. James McLellan Builders needs its machines to be reliable and hardworking – something the KX61-2 has delivered in spades across the past two decades.

David McLellan, the KX61-2’s main operator, explains: “When we took delivery of the excavator from our Kubota dealer in 2003, we could only imagine that we’d still be using it nearly 20 years later. But it’s testament to the quality of Kubota engineering that it is still going strong!

“We take good care of our machines, and I’m proud to say I still get comments when I’m out in the KX61-2 that it still looks brand new! I’m really proud of this machine and love using it when I’m out on site – it delivers all the durability and reliability that Kubota is known for.

“The Kubota has been used almost entirely in conjunction with our own field of work. The clock hours surprisingly don’t really equate to the volume of material excavated, spread, loaded or broken out.

“My word of advice to other operators looking to keep a machine in such good shape for so long? Don’t let anyone else drive it! Seriously, Kubota’s reputation for engineering excellence definitely precedes it, and it’s easy to see why when I’m in the cab of the KX61-2.”

Do you know of an older working Kubota than David’s 2003 KX61-2? Contact Kubota on Twitter (@KubotaUK) or Facebook (@KubotaUK) to share your story.

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