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M108 / M7040 / CWRT Malle

Howell Richards, a 1st generation dairy farmer owns and runs a major dairy farm based in Carmarthenshire. With a recent expansion to 1700 Holstein’s producing an average of 10,600 litres of milk per cow, Howell and his staff work their fleet of Kubota tractors virtually around the clock.

Howell’s first Kubota, an M105 tractor clocked up an impressive 4700 hours in just 3 years and was recently traded in for it’s successor the M108, a decision based on both performance and value compared to other manufacturers. The M108 now continues the daily dispensing task of 65 tonnes of feed, working 10 hours per day. Another versatile, hard working Kubota tractor, the M7040 is used for scraping out, manoeuvring easily around barns and quickly between farms.

“With early starts of 3.00 am, I need a tractor I can rely on and one which will start each time. Kubota tractors are ideal, particularly with 5 or 6 different operating staff; I wanted something they could just get on and drive.”

“My Kubota’s are really reliable, my dealer support from J Davis & Sons is brilliant, if I ever have a problem they will come out and fix it straight away”

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