Leading construction firm moves towards sustainability with Kubota UK

Clancy Plant, part of the Clancy Group, who is one of the UK’s largest privately owned construction firms, has significantly increased its fleet of Kubota excavators as it looks to keep its machinery supply in-house to maximise productivity and fleet flexibility. 

Facing new challenges and an increasing workload, the business is pursuing higher levels of efficiency and more reliable means of operation. As part of this, Clancy Plant requires powerful, durable and efficient machinery that will perform reliably and consistently every time.

Clancy Plant Director, Bernie Stack, stated: “By adding 22 Kubota excavators to our fleet, we’re providing operators and engineers with machinery that is both effective and easy to work with. This allows them to be more productive, saving time and energy that can be allocated more efficiently. 

“With this latest order, we now have a total of 300 Kubotas in our fleet, which are in constant use. Our partnership with Kubota aligns perfectly with the objectives we’re continually trying to achieve, enabling strong allocation of resources and the ability to adapt.” 

Having ordered 12 KX015-4s, 5 KX080-4as and 5 U55-4s, Clancy Plant are equipped to tackle any challenge and its ability to source in-house for the Clancy Group relieves any concern that might be had by hiring externally.  

Bernie continued: “Our reputation is based on quality products and our ability to schedule and manage projects; this is a portfolio that has been in progress since the 1950s. Whatever helps us achieve an improved level of service for our customers and higher-level productivity for our employees is always welcomed – Kubota’s machinery certainly does that.”  

Leana Horton, Key Account Manager at Kubota UK, said: “This new order symbolises the strengthening of our relationship with Clancy Plant. As Kubota machines continue to become more integral to its in-house sourcing approach, we look forward to seeing the new excavators in action and ensuring we provide the service and parts support a leading construction firm requires.”


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