L3200 / Somerset Wildlife Trust

Kate and her colleagues operate a Kubota L3200 mid range tractor, working on 16 reserves covering over 750 hectares of the Mendip Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

“Its compact size and manoeuvrability ensures it handles difficult situations including narrow gateways through dry stone walls. The L3200 is used every day all year round, sometimes for long periods depending on the task required.

“it doesn’t struggle. It’s comfortable and particularly good on fuel”.

The tractor is used for a wide variety of day to day tasks including livestock management, chain harrowing and the movement of materials, in particular, dry stone walling. The Trust previously owned a Case tractor but found it too large and cumbersome for the type of work required. Prior to buying the L3200 they considered Eastern European brands but found them lacking in terms of dealer support. Dealer support was vital to buying the L3200 which Kate suggests has been excellent from Tiverton based Medland Sanders & Twose Ltd (MST).

“Against its competitors, Kubota was considered a good all-rounder, ticking all the boxes. Taking into account the affordable price tag, the L3200 was considered practical, comfortable and simple with less to go wrong”.

Asked to sum up Kate says;

“Reliable, easy handling – starts every time”.


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