Kubota’s STW40 the Star at Southampton Smallholding

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Kubota’s powerful STW40 compact tractor is making light work of duties at a smallholding in Southampton, following the recent purchase by owner Nigel Taylor.

Nigel moved from the city to more leafy surroundings, lured by the draw of five acres of land and an equestrian farm. As a city dweller for many years, Nigel was unaware of the demanding work ahead of him before he made the switch to the countryside, yet it wasn’t long before the realities of farm life dawned on him and he realised that a helping hand was needed for daily duties.

Armed with this knowledge, Nigel headed to his local Kubota dealer, Carters of Swanwick, on the hunt for a machine to help maintain his paddocks and transport kit around the farm.

Nigel commented: “I’d known Carters of Swanwick for a little while so they were my first port of call to help find the right machine for my needs. After an initial consultation, James and David from Carters came out to my farm to assess exactly what I needed and subsequently recommended the Kubota STW40 as the best model to suit the demands of the farm.

“As I was completely new to this way of life, and it was very different from the day job I knew, I needed pointing in the right direction. Through research and recommendation, it became clear that Kubota was a leader in the compact tractor market, so I was delighted with Carters’ recommendation.

Kubota’s STW40 has been specifically designed to meet the varying needs of the user. With its 40HP low noise Kubota diesel engine, the STW Series makes light work of heavy-duty tasks, combined with leading visibility and operator comfort.

“Although I’ve never owned a Kubota before, they stood out from the crowd as being a brand that made reliable, affordable machines. One of the main reasons for my purchase was the power it offered, which set it apart from competitors in similar weight categories. Since purchase, the tractor has been invaluable in helping me carry out my duties around the farm quickly and efficiently; assisting with a host of tasks from harrowing fields and cutting grass to muckheap maintenance.

Three months on, Nigel continues to get the most from his new machine with the addition of an array of new implements including a topper, cutting deck and a loader and 4-in-1 bucket . His fleet of new implements doesn’t stop there either, with Nigel having also purchased a 6ft roller and a cover to keep his pride and joy well protected against the elements.

“I’m overjoyed with my Kubota, it has all the gadgets I could ever wish for. I drive around in my tractor, music on, with a huge smile on face – colleagues think I’m crazy. Who knew a tractor could bring this much happiness!”

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