Kubota Opens New European Parts Centre in France

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Picture: The new European Parts Centre located in Thionville, France, has a total area of 20,000 m2

Kubota has opened a new European Parts Centre (EUPC) in France as a means to strengthen its European parts supply system 

The new centre was officially inaugurated on July 5th in Thionville, a city located in the French department of Moselle. Nearly 100 people, including the Mayor of Thionville, Kubota employees and other guests, gathered to celebrate the opening of the EUPC.

Kubota’s new European Parts Centre was built as a parts warehouse. With an investment of 15 million euros and a total area of 20,000 m2, the new centre will supply parts to dealers and distributors not only in European countries but also to other regions such as the US and Japan. The new centre will employ 90 people and is expected to further strengthen the company’s presence in Europe. 

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Pierre Cuny, Mayor of Thionville, expressed his gratitude for Kubota’s investment in the city and revealed his hopes for the further development of Kubota’s business in Europe. 

The opening of the new EUPC will provide new and exciting business opportunities for Kubota in the coming years. In the words of Mr.Watanabe, Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer Kubota Corporation “Kubota has a global spare parts strategy to build a hub distribution centre to cover each of the key regions. These are in Japan, Europe and North America. The hub distribution centre will have the key role of stocking a wide variety and sufficient volume of parts to ensure the best product availability in the industry. We think Thionville is the best location for delivering spare parts to our customers in a timely manner because of its situation at the centre of European market.”

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