Kubota launches its new series MGX III of multi-function smart tractors

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Kubota, leading machinery manufacturer launches MGX-III tractor range boasting machines from 90 to 140HP, building on the success of its ever-popular MGX-II range.

The four-cylinder engine, combined with its eight-gear powershift transmission allows users to quickly switch between multiple applications without losing power ensuring difficult daily challenges are overcome easily with the modern engine technology .

The new range comes complete with Intelli-Shift, a smart powershift transmission system, which makes changing gears easier, either automatically or manually; particulatly useful when undertaking work on difficult ground conditions such as slopes.

Available in five models – M95GX, M105GX, M115GX, M125GX and M135GX – the series is fully equipped to provide farmers increased output and improved productivity, more comfortable driving and full visibility from its large cab. Complementing the range, the MGX III series incorporates two new front loaders, LA1955 and LA2255, offering optimum versatility whatever the application.

Offering the perfect choice for those farmers who are looking for a high-performance engine, the range boasts great manoeuvrability, thanks to Kubota’s BI-speed technology that boasts a high lifting capacity and outstanding visibility of almost 360º from the cab, the best in its segment.

The newly designed torque curve of the new MGX III tractors provides 26% more efficiency compared to the MGX-II, to continually contribute to increasing productivity and the reduction of fuel consumption. In addition to responding to the growing demand for greater operator comfort, including in the case of medium power tractors, the MGX III range incorporates the suspension option on the front axle on all models.

Inside the cab, all the important elements of the control panel have been positioned ergonomically so that they can be reached easily, beneficial for operators who spend long periods in the seat and demand high levels of comfort. The tractor also stands out for its low level of noise in the air-conditioned cab, which contributes to creating an optimum environment for confronting long working hours.

The excellent traction and manoeuvrability unique to the MGX III range allows easy access to small spaces without having to back up or make wide turns. This is possible thanks to its patented BI-speed system that, based on a rotation angle of 35°, automatically increases the speed of the front wheels.

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