Kubota launches its new generation of M5001 tractors

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Kubota Corporation has today launched its new M5001 Series, a brand new range of 95HP to 113HP tractors, powered by a four cylinder V3800 Kubota engine and including a host of leading edge technology to maximise power, performance and end-user comfort and control.

The M5001 Series were introduced to Kubota Corporation’s dealer network at its European Agri Dealer Convention 2016, which took place this week in the French city of Lille (24-27 October).  The range has been introduced to replace and succeed the company’s previous M8540 and M9960 models.

When designing this innovative tractor, the company focused on four fundamental aspects of the tractor that would enable it to successfully carry out any daily job in the field.  These were driving convenience, the ease of use, the versatility of the tractor and its manoeuvrability. By doing this, Kubota has been able to launch the new M5001 Series that will make significant improvements in all these areas, satisfying the requirements of the most demanding customers, at the same time as increasing the efficiency of the job.

This is an extremely exciting time for Kubota business as the company continues his long term investment in the agricultural sector. The launch of the M5001 Series completes the renewal of M Series, which started with the introduction of the Flagship M7001 Series, introduced to target the 130HP to 170HP sector. Kubota has also invested over €40 million in a new production facility in Northern France – Kubota Farm Machinery, highlighting Kubota´s commitment and global move in the mainstream agricultural market.”

The M5001 series impresses with its functions and high efficiency, thanks to Kubota’s leading-edge diesel technology. In this regard, the Japanese company is the first manufacturer to incorporate a CRS (Common Rail System) equipped with a urea catalyst (SCR), a system to recirculate exhaust gases with water refrigeration (EGR), a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). The combination of these technologies optimises the individual operation of each one of them and reduces power consumption. In addition, this 16-valve engine meets strict emission control requirements imposed by Europe in the last stage of emissions known as Phase 4.


Simplicity, manoeuvrability and comfort

Another key feature of the Kubota M5001 Series is its ease of use, which allows end-users to successfully perform any type of job. Thanks to its retrofit ISOBUS system and its range of solutions in precision farming, pesticides and fertilizers can be applied and seeding jobs be carried out efficiently, cost-effectively and precisely.

The tractor has been specifically designed for jobs that demand excellent manoeuvrability and a demanding operability in jobs with power take-off. The use of the two programmable revolution memories, coupled with the electronic management of speed, allow the working speed to be kept constant.

In addition, the 40-ECO transmission with six synchronised gears, with dual speed High-Lo technology, allows farmers and contractors to change gear directly, gently and quickly. The electro-hydraulic reverser, which avoids using the clutch, provides a fast and gradual change in direction.

Kubota is aware of the importance of comfort when working. The Ultra Grand Cab II has been designed for this reason, a cab that is so wide that it offers a vision of almost 360º.  This panoramic visibility is increased thanks to the sunroof with a sliding sun visor.  This, together with a large range of equipment, ensures maximum comfort and high levels of productivity throughout the year.  The tractor also features high-power lights that allow working at night, and the storage spaces and doors have been optimised, with continuous glass and with the possibility of entering from both sides safely.

The M5001 tractor can be equipped with the LA1854 shovel specifically designed by Kubota for this tractor that guarantees compatibility and optimises results in the applications. The downward sloping design of the bonnet provides optimum visibility and safety. Another key safety feature are the anti-lowering valves, which allow the shovel to maintain its position even if the system suffers pressure losses.

The loader is equipped with a quick coupling system for implements and hydraulic hoses, which makes it easier to change buckets and disassemble the loader.

Every last detail has been taken care of in the Kubota M5001 tractor for the driver to work as comfortably as possible. The front loader is equipped with KSR (Kubota Shockless Ride), shock absorber system, which minimises sudden movements in the cab when working for example on rough terrain or driving on the road.

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