Kubota introduces Topcon auto-steer offer with £1275-worth of free upgrades

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Kubota (UK) Ltd’s announcement to supply Topcon auto-steer options for its M-series tractors has brought with it two free upgrades through its partnership with UK-supplier LH Agro.

Customers ordering any LH Agro-supplied Topcon auto-steering kit through their Kubota dealer can take advantage of free Headland Turns activation worth £625, along with a free 12-month RTK subscription valued at £650. This offer is available until 30 September 2023.

“Headland Turns is a great new feature that lets the operator carry out an automated headland turn without needing to physically steer the tractor,” explains Jonathan Rook, Kubota’s product manager for M-series tractors. “Along with a free 12-month RTK subscription, these two free upgrades will make it much easier for those getting on the precision farming ladder to make greater use of precision farming technology.”

There are a variety of kits available to suit the steer-ready M7 Premium models, and non-steer ready models in Kubota’s M-series. These include Topcon’s AGS-2 receiver, and where required, Topcon’s AES-35 motorised steering wheel to replace the tractor steering wheel.

In addition, customers can choose from a range of guidance screens including the 21.3cm X25, 31cm X35, 17.8cm XD and 30.7cm XD+ terminals. Depending on the chosen kit, customers can also customise the task control options available, or choose from pre-configured bundles.

“With these Topcon auto-steer options, Kubota dealers can now provide precision farming solutions for all M-series tractors from the 66hp M4-063 through to the 170hp M7-173 KVT Premium,” says Jonathan.

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