Kubota Implements set for LAMMA 2017 launch

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Kubota Agriculture is to strengthen its farm machinery portfolio with the launch of a range of Kubota-branded implements.

Covers will come off the orange-liveried implement range at the 2017 LAMMA Show. The range of implements will include a selection of disc mowers, rakes, tedders, flail choppers, fertiliser spreaders, round balers and wrappers, which are manufactured and distributed for Kubota by the Kverneland Group.

“This is an exciting time in the expansion of Kubota’s agricultural business,” says Rob Edwards, Kubota Agriculture’s business development manager. “Our vision is to introduce a range of Kubota implements through carefully selected dealers who can support and expand our tractor and machinery business.”

“While we have already hand-picked some of our existing Kubota tractor dealers, there will be further new dealer appointments over the next three years to broaden our network,” he says.

Currently, Kubota has appointed 13 dealers throughout the UK and Ireland already. Among the latest appointments are Vincent Tractors, TH Horn and George Browns.

When it comes to implements, Kubota Agriculture will be offering a range of grassland-oriented machines that have been chosen specifically to compliment the size and power ratings of the MGX-III, M5001 and M7001 tractor ranges.

“It is our focus to give new and existing Kubota tractor owners access to a range of productive and efficient implements that are available through their local Kubota dealer,” Rob Edwards concluded.

For the 2017 season, Kubota’s implement range will include the following models:

Tedders: Nine models of tedder, from the four-rotor TE4052 with its 5.2m working width, up to the 10-rotor TE10514C, with a 13.3m working width. Prices start from £6,097.

Rakes: 10 rake models, from the single-rotor 3.2m wide RA1032, up to the twin-rotor RA2590 Hydro – the latter offering an adjustable working width from 8-9m. Prices start from £4,158.

Disc mowers: 15 models of plain disc mower, from the four-disc 1.66m-wide DM1017 up to the DM3095 – a 9.5m butterfly unit. Front-mounted models are also available, offering 2.8m and 3.2m cutting widths. Prices start from £4,660.

Mower conditioners: 11 models of mower conditioner, comprising mounted models from the 2.4m DMC 6024N up to the 3.6m DMC 7036T, plus trailed models from the 2.8m DMC8000 to the 3.2m DMC8500 centre-pivot model. Front-mounted models are also available, offering 2.8m and 3.2m cutting widths. Prices start from £10,725.

Flail choppers: 27 models of flail chopper – from the 0.9m wide SE1090 up to the SE8400 with its 4m cutting width. Prices start from £2,425.

Fixed chamber baler: Two models of fixed chamber round baler, comprising the BF3255 with and without 14-knife Supercut chopping unit. Prices start from £31,499.

Variable chamber balers: Five models of variable chamber baler including the BV5160, BV5216 Flexiwrap baler wrapper combination, and the BV5200 model. Versions equipped with 14-knife Supercut chopping unit can also be specified. Prices start from £36,493.

Fertiliser spreaders: Four models of pendulum spreader and 10 models of twin disc spreader, up to the DSX-W GEOspread model. Prices start from £3,363 for pendulum spreaders and £4,935 for disc spreaders.

Bale wrappers: Five models of round bale wrapper from the linkage-mounted turntable WR1100C up to the trailed, heavy duty WR1600J. Prices start from £10,099.

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