Kubota Corporation reveal electric excavator prototype machine in Japan

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We hereby announce that Kubota Corporation exhibited today two prototypes: An electric-powered mini-excavator and tractor at its 2020 New Year Session (product exhibition) held in Kyoto, Japan.  

1. The New prototype mini excavator 

The revealed prototype model is installed with lithium-ion batteries and the major electric components are also shared with the new prototype tractor.
The excavator model has been developed to be able to operate uninterrupted for longer on a single charge. The prototype is still being tested and is therefore not ready for the commercial market.

2. Variety of our solution 

Despite some competitors achieving zero emissions on the job site by using electric models, it seems that there are still many challenges ahead to overcome such as the lack of charging points, limited battery capacity etc. this means we feel the further development is needed at this moment.

We can also see potential in terms of practicality and productivity with an alternative fuel solution i.e LPG as exhibited at Bauma in April 2019, which is powered by a Kubota engine, allowing greater versatility through more applications. 

We are planning to introduce the LPG sample models to get feedback from the market in advance of launching this year. The mass production will be planned for 2021.

In line with LPG model project, the development for electric model has accelerated in Japan and we will keep you informed on any further developments.  Kubota is dedicating all efforts to explore possibilities to make our lives more sustainable. We would appreciate your support on these projects as our valued business partners.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding. 

Mr. Mikio Taguchi
Executive Vice President, Business Unit CE Europe,
Kubota Holdings Europe (KHE) 

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