Kubota acquires advanced guidance and auto-steer manufacturer, AgJunction

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Kubota Corporation will acquire, through Kubota Canada Ltd, all shares of AgJunction Inc, making AgJunction a company of the Kubota Group.

AgJunction is a global leader of advanced guidance and auto-steering solutions, specialising in the development and sale of hardware and software required for automated machine control applications. Primarily, this has been for agricultural and construction machines in North America. 

AgJunction has numerous patents related to automatic operation control systems and has particular strengths in technologies for automated machine control and path planning. By making AgJunction a company of the Kubota Group, Kubota aims to strengthen its development structure for technologies related to connectivity, data, automation and autonomy. 

Through this acquisition, Kubota will combine AgJunction’s technologies with Kubota’s products, to speed up the development of automated technologies aimed at North American markets.

Kubota has formulated its long-term vision ‘GMB2030’ and has been carrying forward smart farming initiatives with the aim of providing solutions that improve productivity and food security. Agricultural machine automation is one of the key pillars of these initiatives. 

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