GL5240 / Cardiff Arms Park

Brian Walker has been working at Cardiff Arms Park for 30 years. Brian is responsible for all pitch, stand and ground facility maintenance. Brian Walker knows how to get the best from the pitch at Cardiff Arms Park. Brian and his staff operate a Kubota GL5240 tractor provided by local dealer Ted Hopkins and Sons for varied tasks from dressing to drainage.


The GL5240 is used for a range of different ground maintenance duties, from dressing to drainage and is fitted with an operator cab plus a made for purpose Kubota front loader. During the rugby season the tractor is used 2 or 3 times a week;

“If we have a game at home on a Saturday, from Monday onwards we are out spiking the pitch”.

“It’s multi purpose – ideal for deep spiking – and dressing – as it will take a tonne no problem on the front loader, and when we hire a top dresser – the tractor will go all day.”

“Chris, at our local Kubota dealer Ted Hopkins Ltd. completely looks after our equipment and servicing requirements. The tractor can’t really go wrong – with an automatic gearbox, it’s like being in a car.”


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