David Flatman gets his new Kubota kit!

Kubota UK has joined forces with former Bath and England International rugby player and now acclaimed TV pundit David Flatman (Flats).

The ITV Premiership Rugby broadcaster has become a brand ambassador for the high performance machinery supplier and assist Kubota with a number of its corporate functions, national shows and dealer and end-user customer events, including after dinner speaker opportunities.

Flats, a self confessed closet garden machinery fan, originally approached Kubota after being in the market for a ride-on mower for his garden. 

Flats commented: “There are lots of machinery brands on the market to choose from but I got in touch with Kubota following recommendations from some of my friends who own farms nearby.  I also asked a number of the top premiership rugby groundsmen for their advice.

“The Kubota name came up time and time again based on the quality and reliability of the machines.  Personally, I like stuff that works, something that breaks and needs fixing doesn’t interest me because it’s inconvenient and annoying.  I want machinery that when I turn the key on, it doesn’t let me down, it works and works, whether that’s now or in 10 years time.  That’s what I’ve got from Kubota and what everyone told me I would get!”

After reviewing Flats’ requirements, Kubota recommended one of its domestic ride-on mowers to maintain the couple of acres of lawn at his home in Wiltshire.  However, despite the sound advice, the rugby pundit decided to go ‘slightly’ over the top, instead opting for the G23-II Diesel Ride-On Mower, a high end commercial mower, supplied by his local Kubota dealer, Lister Wilder.    

Flats continued: “There’s no doubt from my perspective that the G23 is one of the best bits of kit on the market.  That wasn’t the only thing that convinced me to purchase it though, what sold me was when I called Kubota UK, the customer service was absolutely fantastic and the same can be said for Lister Wilder too, an excellent dealer.”

The G23 is a high performance and premium mowing solution for optimum results.  Powered by a 23.3HP Kubota diesel engine, the machine helps users power through wet or tall grass with ease.  A top speed of 15.5km/h combined with a 20litre fuel tank also maximises the efficiency of the mower.  Featuring a 48” cutting deck operated using a Gear Drive System, allowing the path of the blades to overlap without clashing, giving a cleaner cut first time.  Additionally, the collector has been engineered to be angled at 21 degrees to the chassis, giving extra clearance near raised obstacles and on steeper inclines.

“There are a number of things I like about this machine, such as the comfort levels and the size of it,” said Flats.  “I also like the power steering and its mobility for making tight turns.  There are also lots of levers, which may look complicated, but it’s actually a piece of cake to operate.

“However, what I really love is that, whatever the weather, whatever the length of grass, the G23 just eats it up.  It’s an unbelievably powerful and effective bit of kit.”

Since purchasing his G23, the partnership between Flats and Kubota is going from strength to strength.  He has already entertained hundreds of guests at Kubota’s 50,000th excavator sale celebration party in June and presented awards to Kubota dealers and end-user customers for outstanding service.  He has also produced videos for the business and will be involved in a number of other corporate functions.


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