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Harry Chamley’s decision to buy a Kubota M5091 was driven by shed space and access. Bought from local dealer HOS Plant, the Chappel, Essex-based farmer says traditional farm buildings meant a physically larger tractor would have been a compromise.

“We have a lot of low-height sheds here at Bacons Farm, and that meant choosing a tractor and loader that could provide good access, while still being a great allrounder,” explains Harry. “The tractor’s roof height is low, and it is a very nimble tractor with a very useful 95hp.”

“I did look at several makes and models, but neighbouring farmer Will Ralph who already has several Kubotas, couldn’t speak highly enough of the tractors and of local dealer HOS Plant,” he adds. “And I’m glad I listened.”

Bought in 2021, the M5091 was supplied with a five-year, 3,000-hour warranty, and equipped with an LA1854 loader. Harry says two 50kg wheel weights have been fitted to each rear wheel to provide additional stability when making full use of the loader.

“The tractor has a really short wheelbase, and its turning circle is ridiculously tight but that’s great for manoeuvrability,” he says. “Though it does mean a little extra ballast is beneficial when lifting heavier loads.”

A range of attachments extend the versatility of the tractor and loader combination, including a muck grab, bale spike, pallet forks, bucket and a flat-eight bale grab. Harry says visibility from the cab is good, simplifying jobs around the yard with the loader.

“We make a lot of baled hay and haylage to feed a herd of 70 short horn cattle and a flock of 1,000 sheep throughout the winter, so having a reliable tractor that starts every day is essential,” he says. “I don’t do a lot of hours with the tractor, but I do rely on it, every day. And so far, it’s been great.”

He says that the M5091 is also straightforward.

“It’s a very practical tractor, which suits my business,” he says. “I don’t need complex or costly electronics – this is a simple, mechanical solution, where controls fall easily to hand. I’m in and out of the cab a lot every day, which is very easy to do with generous doors and wide steps.”

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