Soil Working

Mole Drainers

moledrainers mole-drainer-table

3-point linkage mounted Mole Drainers designed to aid water drainage during the winter months. Creating drainage channels of 6-12 inches deep, the drainer’s secondary pressure roller then closes the slit to leave a playing surface ready to use.


subsoil subsoliers

3-point linkage mounted single leg Subsoilers for autumn cultivating. Relieving deep compaction below the surface depth it lifts the soil in the substructure for improved aeration and drainage at deeper levels.

Rigid Tined Cultivators

rigid rigid-tined

3-point linkage mounted Rigid Tined Cultivator for mid structure cultivating. An easy to use, cost effective alternative to a plough, widths can be varied or 1 or 2 legs removed to suit ground conditions and tractor horsepower.


ploughs ploughplough-table

3-point linkage mounted Ploughs. Turning the soil over from varying depths, the ploughs relieve compaction and bring nutrients to the upper surface, whilst burying unwanted material.

Rotary Tillers

tilllers tiller kubita-tiller

3-point linkage mounted, PTO driven Rotary Tillers for cultivating. The depth of cultivation is controlled by the tractor operator on the hydraulic system and adjustable skids to ensure an even depth across the whole work area.

Power Harrows

harriws  harrows

3-point linkage mounted, PTO driven Power Harrows for clod busting. Whilst this machine usually follows the plough, it can be used for the first pass where less depth of cultivation is required in lighter soils. The vertically mounted shafts house 2 blades each, and there is a choice of 3 different machine widths operating at a working depth of approx 6-7 inches.

Levelling Harrows


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