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David Hart | Managing Director, Kubota (UK) Ltd


We, Kubota (U.K.) Limited, consider our dealers and OEM’s as “partners” in a combined undertaking to seek and win customer satisfaction and confidence by working to  provide quality product offerings, advanced technologies and services that are  safe and appealing.

In our constant pursuit of excellence and to enable these high standards to be maintained, Kubota (U.K.) Limited provides resources and training for the development of all our employees to achieve their fullest potential.

We work to create a bright and vibrant workplace. moreover, while paying close attention to team work, we respect the diversity and creativity of our colleagues, while accepting the challenge of the unknown and coping with constant change.

Problems encountered are solved by a proactive solution finding ethos we all subscribe to. when we receive requests or complaints from customers, we respond quickly and accurately to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

We provide a safe and healthy working environment, providing equal opportunities for our current and future employees.

We at Kubota (U.K.) Limited contribute to, and enhance where possible, the commitment of the global Kubota corporation to minimise the impact on the environment of all their products.

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