M6001 Utility


The modern workhorse

The Kubota M6001 Utility is the clever all-rounder among professional tractors. With its modern, powerful engine technology, its great manoeuvrability and lifting capacity, the M6001 Utility knows to convince in tough practical use with its enormous economic efficiency.

Efficient and clean

The modern Stage V V6108 and V3800 engines deliver impressive fuel efficiency and power

Optimally matched

The 24F/24R transmission offers the perfect number of gears for the widest range of applications.

Comfortable and spacious

The ergonomically optimised comfort cab provides an exceptional workplace.

Massively powerful

The powerful hydraulics of the M6001 Utility offer no less than 5,000 kg or 6,100 kg of lifting power. 

Perfect match

Tractor and front loader are perfectly matched because they come from the same manufacturer: Kubota.

Model Variant

The choice is yours

ModellM6-101 U
PuissanceKubota V3800-TIE5 (3,769 cm3)
Transmission104 hp
Cylindrée2.440/ 2.540 (F-SUS)
ModellM6-111 U
PuissanceKubota V3800-TIE5 (3,769 cm3)
Transmission111 hp
Cylindrée2.440/ 2.540 (F-SUS)
ModellM6-121 U
PuissanceKubota V6108-TIE5 (6,124 cm3)
Transmission123 hp
Cylindrée2.685/ 2.680 (F-SUS)
ModellM6-131 U
PuissanceKubota V6108-TIE5 (6,124 cm3)
Transmission133 hp
Cylindrée2.685/ 2.680 (F-SUS)
ModellM6-141 U
PuissanceKubota V6108-TIE5 (6,124 cm3)
Transmission143 hp
Cylindrée2.685/ 2.680 (F-SUS)

Kubota Farm Solutions


The Kubota M6001 Utility is the clever all-rounder among professional tractors. With its modern, powerful engine technology, its great manoeuvrability and lifting capacity, the M6001 Utility knows to convince in tough practical use with its enormous economic efficiency.
With the Kubota M6001 Utility you have everything under control. Its clearly arranged operating console is the tractor‘s command centre. Thanks to optimal ergonomics, you can operate and drive the M6001 Utility effortlessly.
With ISOBUS retrofit terminals and Kubota implements, the Kubota M6001 Utility is the answer to all challenges. And with the possibilities of Precision Farming solutions, you can save time and money thanks to the efficient use of resources.
Kubota tractors offer proven quality and excellent performance. With a maintenance contract, you can protect your investment for years to come. What’s more, Kubota offers you up to five years warranty for the M6001 Utility.
The M6001 Utility stands for high performance in farm and field work. With Kubota Finance you can invest in technology that will make an important contribution to your success.


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