Tractor Implement Management


Innovative technology

TIM enables the implement to automatically control certain functions of the tractor to optimise the quality and efficiency of the overall system.

Certified solution

Kubota is the first manufacturer to receive the renowned AEF certification for a tractor/implement combination.

Powerful tractor/implement combination

Highly efficient combination of M7003 Premium KVT tractor and BV Series TIM round baler.

Optimization inside Kubota Farm Solutions

Kubota Farm Solutions: New ways to control and optimise operations by controlling the tractor via the implement.

Multiple benefits

The TIM system offers decisive advantages, such as reduced driver fatigue, while at the same time increasing comfort and efficiency.


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M7003 Premium KVT Tractor

M7003 Premium KVT Tractor

  • TIM system as optional equipment
  • Tractor can be controlled by all AEF-certified TIM equipment
  • TIM implement can access tractor functions such as PTO, hydraulics and travel speed
  • Great increase in comfort
  • Less strain on the operator, who can concentrate fully on steering the tractor

BV5120 round baler

BV5120 round baler

  • TIM system as optional equipment
  • TIM takes most of the work off the operator's hands when baling
  • Significant increase in comfort for the operator, as endless work steps are saved
  • Reduced operator fatigue and faster completion of work while maintaining high bale quality
  • High user-friendliness of the TIM system, which even regularly changing operators can quickly master