Balers BV5000 PLUS



High Performance Variable Chamber Balers

The latest Kubota BV5160 Plus and BV5200 Plus series balers have multi crop capability and combine profitable high output performance with market leading bale density. The new  series models benefit from a host of upgrades designed to boost output and reduce maintenance requirements. The pick-up has been updated with longer tines and wider stripper plates, for improved cleaning. Pick-up and main bale chamber drives are fitted with new high specification HBC chain. The roller crop press has increased lifting for better feeding capacity and incorporates fixed shafts with internal bearings.

The BV Plus series are leaders in bale density, achieved through Intelligent Density 3D, which allows you to choose the bale density best suited to your crop conditions.

The Advantages:

  • Wide 2.2m low profile Pick-Up & High capacity intake systems
  • PowerFeed rotor intake or SuperCut 14 and 25 knife systems for accurate pre-chopping for optimal silage quality.
  • Parrellologram DropFloor for easy unblocking
  • Three different core densities, pre-selectable from the tractor cab.
  • PowerBind with direct net injection for fast and highly reliable netting.
  • Easy and simple loading of net roll.
  • ISOBUS control

Whether silage, hay or straw – BV Series round balers guarantees dense, perfectly formed bales.
TIM hardware is available as an optional accessory for Kubota round balers. BV Series TIM equipped round balers can be used with all AEF-certified TIM tractors, not just Kubota tractors.


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Technical specifications

Model Bale Diameter Intake System Binding
BV5160 Plus R 1.20 x 0.6 – 1.65m PowerFeed Net, Net & Twine
BV5160 Plus SC14 1.20 x 0.6 – 1.65m SuperCut 14 Net, Net & Twine
BV 5160 Plus SC25 1.20 x 0.6 – 1.65m SuperCut 25 Net
BV5200 Plus R 1.20 x 0.6 – 2.00m PowerFeed Net, Net & Twine
BV5200 Plus SC14 1.20 x 0.6 – 2.00m SuperCut 14 Net, Net & Twine
BV5220 Plus SC25 1.20 x 0.6 – 2.00m SuperCut 25 Net


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