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In everyday life and industry, tractors are simply indispensable, and they are constantly updated and improved. The development across all areas of the tractor including the engine has been intense with huge reductions in emissions. Kubota’s stage V engines are proven performers and run clean adhering to the strictest emission regulations. However, technology never stops, and Kubota is at the forefront of the development and evolution of machines. Our mission statement is never far from our thinking when developing new products. Welcome to Kubota’s electrically powered compact tractor the LXe-261!

Electric Tractor Technology

The new LXe-261 from Kubota is a 4WD, 26 Hp electric tractor, using the CHAdeMO battery charging system featuring 1 hour fast charging. Due to its rapid-charging system, the LXe doesn’t need to be paused long for charging, nor exchanged for another vehicle when its battery has run out. The LXe can keep working for four hours on one charge, be recharged during the lunch hour and go back to finish the job in the afternoon.

Clean and quiet. A perfect combination

The LXe-261 offers identical performance to diesel compact tractors while meeting new and demanding environmental challenges. These machines will continue to carry out all the tasks you undertake in a quiet and emission-free way without discharging any harmful CO2 gas.

Productive Comfort

A big benefit for the operator during work is the large reduction of noise and vibration. Enhanced comfort can translate into higher productivity.

Great performance

The LXe-261 also realizes the output necessary for mowing, hauling, and other green space management work in parks and other natural reserves.

Electric power

The electric motor produces 25.8 horsepower which drives the 3-range HST transmission, hydraulic pump and steering pump. The size of the machine and the power and torque output allows you to carry out a wide array of tasks in comfort and safety.

A generously equipped tractor

Versatility is a key factor to this tractor. A category 1 rear 3-point linkage has a maximum lift capacity of 970kg at the linkage balls. 2500 rpm mid PTO provides drive to a mid-mounted mowing deck. At the rear a 540rpm PTO. Each PTO is fully independent. 2 hydraulic double-acting remote valves (One includes float position) adds to the versatility by allowing the LXe-261 to carry and operate a selection of hydraulic attachments.

HST efficiency

The LXe-261 is equipped with a 3-range hydrostatic transmission which incorporates a cruise control. Locking a fixed forward speed during repetitive operation greatly enhances the operating comfort. Selecting the correct range for the operation improves the hydrostatic performance and optimises electrical consumption. Depending on the tyre sizes fitted a maximum speed of 19km/h can be achieved.

Ergonomically positioned controls

The controls are positioned either side of the seat and at comfortable working angles. Rear linkage control, PTO engage/disengage, HST range selection and cruise control all fall perfectly to hand, so you are always in full control.


Max Power
Battery Type
Engine Model 25.8 hp
Engine hp Lithium-ion battery
Engine hp HST 3 ranges


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