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Unique improvements for more efficiency

This large-scale upland farming tractor, with up to 170 horsepower, has greatly improved features, is easier to use, with better customisation options and manoeuvrability. Available in 130HP, 150HP and 170HP models, the M7002 series has a range of improved features for easier operation. The main innovation in the M7002 Series is the new 6-speed Powershift transmission in both  standard and premium models. Giving 30/15 (or 54/27 gears if equipped with a creeper) the new  Powershift leads to improved gear shift performance in all applications.

Other key features include:
– Optimised engine tuning 
– Economical fuel consumption
– Maximum torque is reached at a low 1,500 rpm
– Maximum permissible weight of 11,500 kg
– Tractor speed of 50km/h
– Improved tyre equipment option

Technology is another  major strength, including: an improved functionality of the main multi-function armrest, enhancement to the K-monitor & increased headland management memor and an optimised autosteer, giving it a “nudge” function.

Inside the cab, significant improvements have been made to maximise comfort and the driving experience:  a new enhanced driver seat, an improved cabin sealing, ergonically designed control buttons and revised cab interior trim.

Finally, a number of intelligent advancements have also been made:
– LED working lights for better visibility
– New buttons at the rear of the tractor simplify coupling rear implements
– Optional electrically adjustable, heated rear-view mirrors
– New design of the exhaust system

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Higher performance with lower fuel consumption

The engine tuning of the M7002 series has been optimized in comparison to its predecessor. The maximum power is now available at a lower level of 1,900 rpm. This results in improved performance, particularly during PTO work. Fuel consumption is also significantly lower thanks to the engine update, which makes the M7002 more efficient and less thirsty. The maximum torque is reached at 1,500 rpm, resulting in improved efficiency.

New transmission for standard and premium models

The M7002 series is equipped with a new 6-speed Powershift transmission with 30 forward 15 reverse gears (F54/R27 with creep speed). This leads to an improved shifting performance. There are two Powershift overlaps between each speed, which makes shifting gears easier. With the new Powershift transmission, the M7002 now also knows to impress with faster and easier gear shifting through more gear speeds than before.

Unmistakable comfort

The entire cover material in the cab is new. Thanks to the new indoor material, the cabin is now better protected against scratches and other damage. The interior will therefore last longer. In addition, all control buttons have been ergonomically designed. In order to increase driver comfort, a new, more comfortable premium-seat is now fitted as standard. The new seat provides a better suspension and upholstery, bigger armrests, and much more. The cabin seal has also been improved, resulting in lower noise levels in the cabin.

Fascinating new functions

The K-monitors have received an update with new features. The memory for the headland management system HMS has been increased in order to save more variations – you can now save up to 20 different implements in one setup. In addition, you can now store individual driver profiles, so that all important tractor settings are saved. The automatic steering technology has also been improved in the M7002. You can now use a “nudge” function to correct your A-B line with the push of a button. The distance of the A-B line is now also shown in centimetres, to better detect deviations from the line

Numerous intelligent improvements

The work lights are now available with LED, which improves illumination while at the same time reducing power consumption. New buttons at the rear of the tractor simplify your work on the rear implement. New electrically adjustable, heated rear-view mirrors improve visibility and safety. The new design of the exhaust system reduces noise and improves the forward view. All M7002 tractors are approved for 50 km/h as standard. The new permissible total weight of 11,500 kg increases the number of implements that can be used. Additional tire options reduce ground pressure, and the tractor has even more to offer.