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With the T1880, lawn mowing has never been so easy; once on-board you’ll never want to get off! It’s the ride-on mower ideal for your lawn.

Simple and comfortable use: With its chunky tyres, flat deck and patented suspension, its comfortable seat and cruise control, the Kubota T1880 is an extremely comfortable high-performance ride-on mower.

Effortless mowing: A single pedal progressively controls the speed and direction of the mower. This ease of use provides the perfect cut.

3-in-1 mowing solution: This patented « infinity » 3-in-1 mowing deck offers the possibility of changing from side discharge to mulching mode, by simply sliding the steel gate situated on the mower housing, and thus closing the discharge outlet. The rounded design of the housing keeps the grass beneath the housing and guarantees perfect mulching. A clipping catcher is also available as an option, for those wishing to free the lawn from all clippings.

Model Power (horsepower) DISCHARGE CUTTING WIDTH (centimetre) CUTTING TYPE  
mulching COLLECTOR (liter)



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