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 V2607-DI-T-E3B - KUBOTA


New Concept
The Kubota 07 Series is a totally new concept in engine design developed with various requirements necessary for a wide range of industrial applications.
Kubota’s unique cylinder block design was developed using Kubota’s original casting technology. The engine package is smaller than that of the current 2.4 L engine but yet the displacement is larger.
The improved cooling system with a main water gallery and water passages between cylinder bores as a countermeasure against heat load provides high power density, superior endurance and a reliable Kubota 07 Series. The Kubota 07 Series completes Kubota’s seamless range up to 100 hp.
The NEW Kubota 07 Series engines have been designed to comply with EPA Interim Tier 4 (Option1) emissions regulations, which are the most stringent in this size range. The Kubota 07 Series engines also comply with EU Stage 3A requirements. The Kubota 07 Series engines offer the benefit of one year longer validity than Tier 3. Therefore, these engines are good through the end of 2012 in both the North American and European markets, which would save engineering resources for the future Tier levels.
Meeting emission regulations with minimal additional required devices: NOx is reduced only by mechanical means such as a compactly designed water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system.

Clean and Quiet Power
Kubota’s original E-CDIS (CentrE Direct Injection System) combustion system, renowned for clean combustion in the Kubota V3 (DI) Series, has been renovated. The fuel injection pressure was increased and the combustion chamber was redesigned to achieve a 25% lower particulate matter (PM) level, resulting in a better condition when compared to engines that only meet EPA Tier 3 regulations in this class.
These new engines have been designed to reduce transmitted vibrations and radiated sound, resulting in lower noise levels. Operator and environmentally friendly, the Kubota 07 Series begins a new era of Kubota’s engine design.

A Side PTO option is available. This engine offers power take-off (PTO) from a gear train located on the flywheel side designed for compact positioning of PTO hydraulic devices.
Fan positions are available in two heights to adapt to various equipment configurations.

  • RATED POWER 49.2 KW / 2700 RPM
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  • 49.2
  • 2700
  • 2.615
  •  V2607-DI-T-E3B - KUBOTA
  •  V2607-DI-T-E3B - KUBOTA
 V2607-DI-T-E3B - KUBOTA

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