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 D1703-M-E3BG-SAE-2 - KUBOTA


Kubota BG engines are designed for generator applications to be operated at 1500 rpm or 1800 rpm only. The integrated electronic governor allows a highly precise engine speed control at a minimum noise level.

Cleaner Exhaust Engines
One of Kubota’s major commitments has always been the development of a cleaner exhaust engine. Kubota was the first engine manufacturer to pass the U.S. CARB ULGE emission regulations for engines under 19 kW. Kubota produced engines that have been certified, or are now currently in compliance with all emission regulations around the world.

E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System)
Kubota’s highly efficient E-TVCS System (Three Vortex Combustion System), located in a specially designed piston with a valve recess and a fanshaped concave, produces an ideal air/fuel mixture by creating three vortexes in the combustion chamber. This results in better cross flow of air and exhaust gas, lower air intake temperature and improved combustion efficiency.

Super Glow System
The Super Glow System, not necessary in temperatures above 5°C, comes as standard equipment to start the engine in cold temperatures. For example, at -20°C (-4°F), the engine will start only 10 seconds of preheating time.

  • Rated power 15.0 kW / 1500 rpm
  • Cylinders 3
  • Combustion System Indirect Injection
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  • 15.0
    Rated power (KW)
  • 1500
    Maximum speed (RPM)
  • 1.647
    Diplacement (L)
  •  D1703-M-E3BG-SAE-2 - KUBOTA
  •  D1703-M-E3BG-SAE-2 - KUBOTA
 D1703-M-E3BG-SAE-2 - KUBOTA

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