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 D1305-E2B - KUBOTA


The D1305 engine complies with EPA Interim Tier 4 emissions regulations that are effective through the end of 2012. This engine also complies with EU Stage 3A requirements that are effective through 2012 and beyond in the European market.
Durable Power
The D1305 engine is a new high power density engine that delivers the highest output in a naturally aspirated 3-cylinder configuration within the Kubota 05-Series.
By expanding the stroke, Kubota increased engine displacement by 12 % compared to the D1105 while maintaining the same footprint. By adopting a shallow, large-capacity oil pan and extended gear case, the engine height is lower, providing a compact engine package.
The cooling water passages between the cylinder bores, using Kubota’s original casting technology as a countermeasure against heat load of high power density, provides both superior endurance and reliable engine characteristics.

Clean and Quiet Power
Kubota’s original E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) has been improved. The airflow, combustion chamber and piston recess were optimized to provide a 50 % lower particulate matter (PM) level, the same stringent level as above the 37kW class (EPA Interim Tier 4).
The half-float valve cover and MoS2 coated pistons reduce noise levels and provide reduced transmitted vibration from the valve area for better noise characteristics.

A great variety of additional accessories is available.

  • Rated power 18.5 kW / 3000 rpm
  • Cylinders 3
  • Combustion System Direct Injection
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  • 18.5
    Rated power (KW)
  • 3000
    Maximum speed (RPM)
  • 1.123
    Diplacement (L)
  •  D1305-E2B - KUBOTA
  •  D1305-E2B - KUBOTA
 D1305-E2B - KUBOTA

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