RTV900 / Park House Pheasantries

Stuart was one of the first RTV900 owners in the North East. A 5th generation game keeper, he runs a 5,000 acre syndicated shoot and is also a full time game farmer rearing 50,000 pheasants for each shooting season.


His road legal RTV900 is used every day of the year for various farm tasks including game crop spraying, transporting chicks, feed and bedding and for shoot work ranging from towing a game trailer to transporting elderly guns to pegs as well as always being on hand to winch out the odd Range Rover or two stuck in a rut! Stuart states the RTV900’s versatility, reliability and power steering are all key features that are a great help for his daily work. He also finds the RTV900 a safe vehicle to work with, especially for young apprentices and the rear canopy provides safe containment for his working dogs on shoot days.

“I’m impressed with our dealer Lloyd Ltd – the fact that they always listen to what I need and are very responsive. Their engineer Glen couldn’t be better, which was partly the reason I bought my second RTV900 as he’s very knowledgeable and quick to respond when I need him”


Dormer Road Thame
Oxfordshire OX9 3UN

Telephone: 01844 268000
Fax: 08702 429729