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Kubota Corporation

Kubota Corporation, founded in 1890 by Gonshiro Kubota, is a manufacturer of farm equipment, engines, construction machinery and also a producer of various pipe-related products, principally ductile iron pipes and environment-related products such as environmental control plants.  In addition, the Company manufactures and sells industrial castings, spiral welded steel pipes, vending machines, electronic-equipped machinery and air-conditioning equipment. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the company reported consolidated revenues of € 16 billion in 2016.
Kubota is a company with an unshakable will to support and solve problems related to food, water, and the environment.  Through proactive management, user-friendly products, and stable support, Kubota has been a leader in the global agriculture and water-related industries.

Our Mission

Our mission ‘For Earth. For Life’ speaks to our sustainability commitment to the preservation of the earth’s natural environment whilst aiding in production of food and water supplies which are vital to societal needs as our world population continues to grow.  That mission is realized each time a Kubota tractor harvest the land to product life sustaining food or our construction equipment excavates to transport water resources or provide shelter, and our engines are providing civilization with a globally sustainable and dependable power source.

Kubota (U.K.) Limited

Kubota UK (KUK) based in Thame, Oxfordshire currently employees in excess of 130 staff and has four distinct business lines – Tractor & Groundcare, Engines, Construction and Parts and has been based in the UK Since 1979.

The operations within KUK incorporate Sales, Marketing, Administration, Distribution, Service, Product Development, Parts, Finance, HR, Business Solutions & Planning and H&S.

KUK continues to invest heavily in the development of all staff across the business and within the last 12 months has embarked on a period of re-generation of the facilities with major expenditure taking place to improve car parking, staff welfare facilities, office locations etc, with this process continuing.

KUK is also an active part of the local community with various different initiatives taking place to raise awareness of the brand and work in partnership with the community

Business Unit Structure in Europe

In Europe Kubota is working in a matrix structure of Business Units.  Where across the regional organisational structure the activities are organised within various Business Unit’s.  The starting point will be that the overall strategy will be consolidated and developed by KHE (Kubota Holdings Europe), but our customers will be served locally in line with current practice.  The Business Units will remain responsible for defining and executing their market strategies in existing and new markets, taking into consideration the market maturity and customer characteristics.

The Business Units and local Managements identity, like KUK is respected; however the KHE management will take on its responsibility for alignment of strategies developed by the Business Units across Europe by coordinating mid-term and long term business plans as well as necessary capital investments.   Also to ensure a business that enables realisation of the customer first policy it is a necessity to have Pan-European unified market strategies  e.g. pricing, dealer management, inventory management, sales territory management, advertising, and public relations.

The overall philosophy is that scale can be reached and leveraged through capabilities on a Pan-European level that can be deployed to fight our competitors locally.

Job Purpose

To undertake all duties and responsibilities with the highest regard to health and safety of people, product and facilities.

To develop and maintain a sales strategy to promote profitable sales of Kubota products in the relevant product/region by working with the Dealer/Distributor network.

To achieve agreed product/regional Sales and Gross Margin targets and control expenses to result in achieving profit contribution plans.

Through constant observance of product/region sales actuals/trends, develop marketing action plans to overcome any sales actual v plan shortfall.

Constantly review performance standards of the KUK Dealer Network, and if necessary undertake distribution adjustments as required.

To contribute to a robust communication process which is ‘fit for purpose’ covering both internal and external stakeholders.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Customer Service
    • To ensure that all duties are providing the highest customer service in terms of general dealings with the customer and delivery performance in order to contribute in a positive manner to the overall customer experience.
  1. CompliancyPromote and maintain a high Health and Safety Culture.
    • Monitor and review procedures/processes (inc. ISO, Company and JSOX) for compliance, standardisation and/or change enhancement so that they remain fit for purpose, ensuring that all are documented, advertised and adopted as working practices
    • To ensure that all practices are conducted in a legal, ethical, confidential and moral way.
  1. Staff Management
    • Assist in the induction and training of new staff.
    • Assist in the maintenance of a culture of continuous improvement.
    • To work with all employees to improve engagement and involvement.
  1. Finance
    • To action all duties in a cost conscious way whilst minimising waste.
    • Manage and control product/regional accounts to ensure they are in line with contractual requirements eg payment terms.
  1. General
    • To develop and then deliver a full sales budget and forecasts for approval by the BDM to cover product/region. Once agreed to then monitor and take appropriate action to achieve required results.
    • To work with the dealers to ensure that all relevant staff are fully trained in the Kubota product line and are aware of all competitor product information, in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience to the end user whilst also meeting the standards expected by Kubota.
    • To be responsible for Kubota shows and exhibitions within the territory including the provision of all health and safety requirements.
    • To work with, and subsequently assist, the dealers/distributors in terms of planning demonstrations, shows, exhibitions, dealer days etc utilising both Kubota and dealer product as required.
    • To attend and assist/present in various meetings/initiatives such as dealer and customer surveys, sales meetings, training etc.
    • To implement innovative marketing and sales planning initiatives in conjunction with the BDM, Dealer Development Manager (DDM) and Marketing department.
    • To develop and implement strategies to motivate dealers/distributors, their sales and marketing managers and appropriate staff in conjunction with the BDM and DDM.
    • Recommend to the BDM, pricing strategies to ensure that the product market share’s, sales and profit contribution plans are not threatened.
    • To provide advice and guidance on the right product to suit the end users requirements.
    • As part of diary management to plan and communicate weekly itinerary and submit visit reports within a timely manner.
    • Undertake any other duties and responsibilities commensurate with the level and responsibilities of the position.
    • Work in harmony with all other personnel and communicate in an open courteous manner with colleagues and customers.
    • Carry out responsibilities in accordance with Company policies and procedures.
    • Undertake any training necessary to carry out duties and responsibilities.
    • Maintain confidentiality at all times in relation to product, financial aspects etc of both Kubota and the Dealer Network.
    • Ensure that Safe Systems of Work and Standard Operating Procedures are in place, advertised, adopted and remain relevant for each section of responsibility, reviewing as required.

Standards of Performance are Achieved When (KPI’s)

Health and Safety standards are to the highest achievable level.

All procedures/processes are documented and published to form part of everyday working practice whilst being constantly reviewed.

Agreed annual sales volumes and market share are achieved sustainably within agreed pricing framework.

Dealer/Distributor staff are not only appropriately trained in the Kubota products, services, processes and procedures but are working to them.

No dealer/distributor overdue account issues exist which are not being investigated and resolved.

Regional deadlines/milestones are met.

Agreed Action Plans are in place across the product/region responsibility in order to improve the customer experience, partnership with Kubota and increase turnover/profits.

Continuing work to ensure that we are constantly achieving operational excellence from both the dealer and Kubota perspective.

Excellent teamwork is achieved across all stakeholders, not least between Kubota and the dealerships where there is interaction.

Essential Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Strong previous experience working within the relevant product group.

Previous experience of gathering market analysis etc and then translating into Action Plans.

Experience of working within a dealer/distributor business model and how to optimise.

Extensive sales/business development experience.

Strong IT systems skills.

Be able to implement good change management strategies.

Will be able to demonstrate ability to manage issues to a successful conclusion using empathy, mutual respect and negotiation skills.

Will possess good numeracy skills and attention to detail.

All ‘core’ management skills ie communication, interpersonal, presentation, negotiation, proactive, confidentiality, integrity, focused etc, including experience of working within a continuous improvement environment.

A current driving license is required and ideally a valid passport as there will be extensive travel, mainly within the UK, but also outside of the UK.

If you wish to apply for this position, please send a covering letter stating why you believe you would be suitable for the role, along with your current CV and salary package.


Applications should be emailed to sarah.phillips@kubota.com.

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