The Kubota Care programme does what it says; ensures your tractor is cared for against any unforeseen expensive repair costs during the first 5 years of its life.

You simply decide your service hour usage so you only pay for the hours you will use.

How does it work?

1. Kubota Care should be applied for at the time of the tractor purchase and covers repair costs for an additional 36month period for 5 years and/or a maximum of 5,000hrs use. (Terms and conditions apply as per the 24 month/2000hr warranty cover)

2. Cost is relative to the hours usage purchased from: 2,000hrs (Free of Charge 24mths), 3,000hrs, 4000hrs or 5000hrs being premium payable, with a standard fixed period of 5 years.

3. If your forecasted use is only 3,000hrs over a 5 year period, your Kubota Care premium and service costs will of course also be lower.

What is the service contract?

1. Under a “Service Contract”, all major service/maintenance will be carried out by the supplying authorised Kubota dealer during the 5 year Kubota Care period.

2. You pay only for those major service requirements for the hours usage purchased.

What will it cost?

1. Kubota Care premium depends upon model and hour usage against the tractor RRP for 5 year cover.

2. Service maintenance and/or contract costs will be dependent upon hour usage.

3. Please see your dealer for full details.


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